Sunday, October 23, 2011

When the Strong Suffer

It was an unusual weekend for me. Beyond all the regular 'surfacey' comings and goings of our household, there was some difficult news filtering in as well. There was news of loss and suffering coming at us from several directions, and all in very sad an unexpected conditions- a father, a brother, a baby. Primary relationships deeply attached to the recesses of the  heart.

What is more difficult  to see, is that these people whom I love and who are now suffering are all very strong individuals. Unusually strong in my opinion. And for all those around them (myself included) this somehow makes it harder to bear. The difficulty comes in in a strange way. These unusually strong folks around us, offer us all a glimpse into the real meaning of life questions. They are the ones who we turn to when we are down and out, are confused or feeling a bit lost, or are just having a bad day; and their clear insights and gentle wisdom often lifts us up out of our little pits and back into the sunshine. They smile softly and steady our hearts and somehow they are able to reach into the darkness and reassure us that all will somehow be well. 

So, when ones of these 'strong ones' suffers a blow we  struggle to find the words and deeds to lift up the soul that has  so often lifted us up. Our faith seems to shrink by comparison and words elude us. We wonder if they need the same things we need, or if the comforts that work for us in our difficulties, will be of any value at all to them?  I wish I had some perfect answers of how to solve this problem. I can simply tell you that when strong people suffer- they still need a hug- they want to know we care- they need to talk- they need to be listened to- they need to feel loved-they need to know they are not alone-and if all else fails chocolate cake helps every heart.

For all you strong ones who are suffering right now, ( and you know who you are):

 I love you,
 I am  praying for you,
 and most importantly I am here if and when you need me! 

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