Sunday, January 5, 2014

Virtue Jar 2014

It's the feast of the Epiphany today, so we have our new virtue jar all ready for choosing. The idea is that we celebrate the Three Kings who visited the infant Jesus, and brought him gifts. On this day too- Jesus wants to give us gifts in return. So we list out all of the many virtues and pray that God will bless each person who chooses with the gift they will need most in the upcoming year. Hopefully you will be open to receiving that gift and will work on cultivating it in your heart it as well. Its fairly wondrous what happens from there. My family tell me they always wind up getting what they didn't even know they needed. Last year I received the virtue of joy, which initially didn't strike me as very necessary as I tend to be a pretty happy person overall. But if any of you know of the year my family had and the losses I faced, it was a most perfect pick for me amid such grief and sorrow.

So, if you'd like me to 'choose' for you, I am happy to do so. You can email or message me, and I'll write you back!

Happy Epiphany!