Monday, December 27, 2010

Still More Work to be Done

     We are two days post Christmas. The toy sorting is well underway. Architectural Lego feats have already been created and applauded. Plenty of dolls have been dressed and diapered and strolled around town. This morning Thomas, Michael, Mary, Sarah and Sophie were gathered around the kitchen table grazing among cereal bowls, leftover homemade fudge, and a smattering of broken candy canes. Mary called out to her well seasoned father "Dad! Sophie has one of  Micheal's mini cars in her mouwf!" Fred quickly retrieved the mini car and continued to pour the milk. Michael chimed in:
" Sophie can't put the mini car in her mouth Dad!"
"I know Michael you're right." Fred answered caught somewhere in that strange world between sleep, coffee and wakefulness.
"If she does she will choke on it."
"Yes, she will Mike."
"Then she will diiiieee." (emphasis in the original.)
Fred suddenly realized Michael was making a discovery about life and its value. A spark ignited and Fred smiled, leaned over, kissed Mike on the head and reaffirmed how correct he was.
"Yes Michael thats true, she would!"
another second passed and Michael muttered quietly  "And then I'd never get my mini-car back!"
So much for a deepening value system.