Friday, October 7, 2011


This weekend is Catoctin's Colorfest. Its a major arts and crafts festival. What I find infinitely more enticing  is that the day before the Colorfest, just about everyone in the town of Thurmont has a garage sale. It is just unbelievable to see that many garage sales at once. You can, if you are really smart get some great deals. I always go to it with Fred, but I get quickly overwhelmed and have to leave. I can't look at that much stuff at once. PLUS it always seems to me that after the first2 or 3 they all seem to sell the exact same things. I don't know why people have so many clothes, but they obviously do not need all of them. I think I have a lot of clothes in my house, but of course I do have quite a few more kids.There are tables and tables full of clothes. The best part of the Colorfest for me, is obviously the Fair Food. They have great food. I could live on Fair food (in between trying to eat healthy of course!)

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  1. Don't let Bill know about this-- he's the biggest garage sale fiend in the state of Alaska!