Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today is Fred's 47th Birthday! I think he had a nice day. He did go to work, but we had fun afterwards. We went to the Bonefish Grill for dinner ( can you say Bang Bang shrimp?). The boys were back at the ranch meanwhile planning a little party for Dad. Matthew spent the better part of 2 weeks planning on a design for Fred's birthday cake. He finally decided on a sprint car theme and baked and decorated a cake yesterday, into the shape of a race track with 2 sprint cars on top. He just couldn't get any sweeter! 

The little ones made a gazillion cards and drew lots of pictures of Daddy. The older boys picked out a few nice presents and some new running shoes, which we tried out tonight after finishing cake. (Note to self- try not to eat too much then run 2.5 miles directly afterwards.) Fred likes the new kicks! Now that the little ones are in bed the older boys are taking him to a late movie of Captain America ( some of them have already seen it, but he has not). Somehow Fred's birthday turned into a celebration for all of us. Funny how one person can be so important in the lives of so many others. How much we all rely on him!

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