Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hidden Treasures

The snow is here. I won't bother complaining about it any longer as it won't make it melt any faster. I decided instead to post some positives I had forgotten come from the cold, wet, weather that forces you indoors.

#1 We all pitched in and cleaned the house this morning so we could relax for the rest of the time we had to spend in it today ( and tomorrow).

#2 Thousand piece puzzles are already being put to good use. Fred and I managed to sneak in a game of Scrabble this afternoon while the girlies were napping.

#3 A big pot of stew cooked on the stove all day. My neighbors dropped off a loaf of homemade bread earlier in the day that went perfectly with it, and I also had some cheddar and brie to serve up along side it with crackers. Talk about comfort food.

#4 All events were cancelled for my kids.( Boo) We had a birthday party for Matthew to head to, and a homecoming dance for the older boys. I did not want to worry about any of my kids on the road today, now I KNOW they'll be safe. As sad as it was for the events to be cancelled they were all rescheduled for dates we can make! Yay!

#5 Lastly, I saw Freddy relax for the whole day today. We snuck out to noon mass together before it got too slippery, and then we had a really leisurely afternoon. It was good to see Fred sitting still for a while. He has way too much energy generally speaking.

(We also happened to have put new tires on the car this week and our HVAC was finished being installed yesterday, so when the snow hit we could actually turn on the heat! That should be #6 and #7 but I like round numbers so I stuck them in at the end.)

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