Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leigh and Dan

We drove 5 hours Friday night up to Fred's parents in NY. We tried to sleep (Sarah got in the way of that plan) and then drove another 2 hours on Saturday morning down to Long Island. What would induce us to spend ALL that time in a car with 10 kids? Only LOVE could do that. And not just any old love, this was marriage type love. To be more precise, my little niece Leigh Leigh, married her prince this weekend!

Weddings are really amazing events. They pull so many people together in such a happy way. There is entirely something worth celebrating when 2 people find true love. I got to see every one of my siblings while we were there. That is so rare now a days and such a gift. My Mom looked so beautiful and she danced up a storm too! ( As a matter of fact while she was eating her dessert the song "Twist and Shout" came on and she dropped her fork and said "I have to go dance." and my sister Bernadette and I both burst out laughing while Nancy promptly escorted her to the dance floor!) Nephews and nieces, cousins and friends I hadn't seen in years, were there- it was just a special day all around. I could tell you that Leigh was simply magnificent, but I will let the pictures do that for themselves. She and Dan looked like Barbie and Ken.Every single detail was paid attention to, and it showed.

Mom and Me

My sisters and me (from Lto R Jacq,Celine, Nan, Bern,Ang, Me and Tesa)

It was a beautiful start to a beautiful life. Many blessings to you both !

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  1. I'm so glad to hear your Mom is still dancing and hasn't lost her taste in music! I remember being very impressed, long, long ago, that she seemed to be the only one of the uncles and aunts who appreciated the same music I did. I can remember going through a pile of 45 rpm singles in the Uniondale house and being allowed to put them on the record player, and no one saying, "Bobby, turn that noise down!"