Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Down, Three to Go

Well, tomorrow will mark the end of the first quarter for us here in homeschool land. WE begin Fall break next week. We do have some testing to do, and some grading, but it will be a week off for the kids for the most part. My friend Karen and I both like checking things off our list, so first quarter is a great relief to cross out. It has been an exceptional quarter. We have stayed on track, really dove into our work, and still managed to have fun. Each Summmer, before we begin I am absolutely convinced it will be impossible to do all the work ahead of me. Of course I am right, but we begin anyway! Once the first 2 weeks are down we get a good rhythm going and as long as we keep the pace it's all good.

I will give you fair warning that after Christmas it will be really difficult for me to keep going. Third quarter makes me want to suck my thumb and cry, but it too shall pass. For now- the weather is beautiful, the work is manageable, and next week will happily change the pace around here temporarily.

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