Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mare and Gus

Just back from Mary Anne and Gus' wedding. What a magnificent day! The church was amazing and prayerful. The bride was gorgeous and the groom as handsome and sweet as you could possibly want. It is hard to believe Mary Anne is married when I can remember her as a teenager being utterly disgusted having to finish her homeschool Math lessons. To say Barney and Deb, her parents, have been good friends to us over the years is an understatement. They are salt of the earth people and are truly like family to Fred and I and the children. Deb was just glowing as she watched Mare and Barney walk down the aisle together. My older 5 boys have been really looking forward to this day as well as it felt like this was part of our family growing. Its just a special feeling when you see blessings come to those you love.

Now to share a few photos of the reception at the Antrim. WOWZA. The place was just over the top. Such fun. You really felt like you were in someones home ( just a REALLY nice home!). The food was spectacular, the music really fun, and if all that wasn't enough- they had (probably with Fred in mind-) a milk shake bar, along with a gazillion other desserts. It was kind of funny to look over and see Fred and Barney doing shots of milkshakes!( yes I know I just wrote Fred and Barney together and no- I wasn't inferring Flintstones).I think my boys thought they died and went to heaven.

Gus and Mare, a lifetime of happiness and blessings from above on you both!

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