Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When I turned 16 my Mom and sisters threw me a "sweet 16" party (surprise) and had all my friends there. It was a real girly event and I remember how much fun it was. Today my second oldest son Peter turned 16. He too wanted a party, only his idea of a party and mine are a little different.

Peters theme was paint balling. OK. BUT this time he bought a ghillie suit kit and worked feverishly for 2 and a half days putting it together in time for the party.When it was completed, and Peter donned the costume he looked like, well a bunch of leaves.  At the appointed time a swarm of teenaged boys descended on my house and proceeded to camouflage themselves and load up their paint ball guns while heading into the woods. They then chose up sides and spent the next 2 hours shooting at one another hoping to hit a vulnerable spot.

They returned laughing and joking and happy as could be ( and looking dog tired to be honest). 5 pizzas,  10 liters of soda, a few bags of chips, one cake and a dozen ice cream sandwiches later they went home.

I think from the looks and sounds of Peter tonight, the party was a success. They talk about being in the woods and rapid firing like they just did a tour of duty.

Happy Birthday Pete! You have made the last 16 years of my life richer each day.Love you!

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  1. Wow that is amazing that he made that!! Sounds like he had a GREAT day! Happy Birthday Pete!