Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge

Since we are working very hard on our health these days, I have been doing some research on 'natural' cures and potions for 'wellness'.What a strange word, huh? My friend Christine has got me hooked on cod liver oil ( pill form thank you) and I am already a vitamin junkie. BUT, I finally decided I was going to try taking Apple Cider Vinegar as there are just TOO many things written about it for it not to be good for something.

Fred took me to the Common Market on Sunday. This is a heath food store. I don't think Fred has ever been in one. It was actually quite entertaining to watch him encounter such a different world. As we entered the store a man with dreadlocks to his knees greeted us and Fred looked like he suddenly found himself on an parallel universe from one of our sci-fi movies.

Fred decided most of the items on the shelf were not edible despite the fact that people were lining up to buy these products. In any case we found what we needed and proceeded to the check out where we were asked if we wanted a small bag for our purchases. We had several items and it would have been totally awkward to NOT have a bag so we had to say yes, but Fred said it took all he had to keep from saying to the cashier "yes but do you have any plastic ones back there somewhere?"

We also had to pick up the dreaded diapers so we headed from there to Wal-Mart where we entered another universe we both despise. I do occasionally stop at Wal-Mart now-a-days but I just don't like the whole generic experience.It may be the best fortress for the Zombie Apocalypse but for every day life it gets old quick. I just know lurking behind every shelf is some exploitation I can't put my finger on. In any case it was quite an experience to view these 2 worlds in such close proximity. If there had been a cashier I am sure Fred would have asked for a bio-degradable bag but we opted for the self checkout.  I would have liked to spend more time at Common Market but well- I love my husband.

So Fred has thrown down the gauntlet for me with sit-ups saying he was certain I could not do 20 and he bet me 20 bucks on it, ( which I gladly took BTW). So now I have added them to my work out for the next 3 weeks. In return I challenged him to drink 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar daily in 8 oz. of water daily for a month to see if it did SOMETHING, ANYTHING for our health. He has agreed. I think its much harder to drink ACV than to do 20 sit-ups. (Don't  even bother trying to decide if I am correct until you've had a glass.)

Some of my boys have also decided to join us in the ACV trial. Tonight when we got back from the gym Matt and Joe were in the midst of a bet on who could actually drink any of it. Joe won. (Matt puked. ) I'll let you know how the elixir of life goes shortly. Have any of you heard the benefits of ACV yourselves? Tell me what its good for if you don't mind!

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