Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zombie Update

Well, at least SOMEONE is watching over my posts these days and taking them seriously to boot. Apparently the CDC ( the Center for Disease Control) checked out my most recent posts and decided to alert the public at large to the real and present danger of the Zombie Apocalypse. Oh you think I'm fooling again don't you? NOT! I am so serious! Just go ahead and check out the articles for yourself! A quick search of Zombie Apocalypse and CDC should yield just what you are looking for.

My cousin Margaret will be proud. Apparently I come from a long line of Zombie experts on my Mother's side. (My Dads side has always seemed a bit more 'awake' to be honest.) I hear the CDC link was so over run with visitors they were unable to handle the traffic. Fortunately for all of you dear readers, I have posted what to do in case of a Zombie Crisis and so you can peruse my advice while waiting for the link to become available. My cousin posted a lengthy detailed rant report which you can find at the end of my last Zombie post. Peter was quite impressed with her vast field of knowledge and has considered revising some of his previous work to account for her developing thoughts. That Peter, he is such a visionary! If it were not for his exceptional forethought this impending disaster would have come upon us all without warning.

I promise to keep you all updated as it becomes necessary. In the meantime....stay safe ( and don't forget about Wal-Mart!)

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