Monday, May 2, 2011

Death of a Monster

I am greatly relieved today to hear the news that Osama Bin Laden is no longer able to spread his brand of poison across the world. I can vividly remember hearing the news of September 11, 2001. Being born and raised in New York made it doubly painful. I was pregnant with Joseph at the time ( if that gives you some perspective, and he now has 5 younger siblings) and living in Vermont. I spent the day trying to reach family and friends by phone amid tremendous difficulty and angst. My sister in law was working at the Marriott in the towers and was one of the women we all saw running covered in rubble, my brothers were also employed in the city and so many more I knew. The images are burned in my mind. The conversations with siblings in the days and weeks that followed were so traumatic to a way of life we knew and held dear. I can remember the acute desire to drive there in order to  be with my family in New York, while being simultaneously terrified for my own little ones to travel past ground zero to get to them on the Island.

There are also amazing memories of the goodness of our nation. Heroes rose up out of the ashes all over our country as we struggled to make sense of the blow we had just been dealt. Then the lists of names came. 3,000 men and women taken from us in the midst their every day life at the whim of a mad man. The death toll from the towns on Long Island and elsewhere were so terribly high as names of families of loved ones were added to the lists. The wound cut so deep. It also left a scar on our hearts that can never be forgotten. It is not meant to be. 

In ridding the world of one terrible monster today we didn't solve all the problems we still face due to terrorism. But that doesn't make it any less a victory. Terrorism still exists but we have just sent a clear message that will be heard around the world - Americans won't take it lying down. It may take time, but we will not forget.Ever. I am so very grateful to our military. Having married into a family of Navy men, where 2 of my nephews are currently serving our fine nation all I can say beside THANK YOU  is:


I cannot stress the contrast enough between these brave men who serving our nation landed in a helicopter that stalled out and decided to complete  missions orders knowing full well they might not be able to get back home, versus the wicked little man inside who instructs other human beings to kill 'infidels' while cowardly using his wife as a shield against bullets.

To those out there who have expressed real concerns about the possibilities of retaliation I can assure you of one thing- any man who would retaliate against us on behalf of that Monster, would do so anyway without any provocation needed. We haven't picked a fight today, we simply won a round. That is what terrorism is and if you are scared today- it is because it works- it provokes 'terror'. They bomb buildings so you feel afraid to be free and the more fear you feel the more they terrorize. So the  answer to that fear of course is not to run- or use diplomacy-the answer  is to  stand up to the bullies.And bullies are the same everywhere. Whether they steal our lunch money or our freedom we simply cannot tolerate it. We must show them that we don't take orders from cowardly delusional men who prey on  the poor and kill innocent human beings without cause, who hide in caves and huts plotting the demise of our nation.Perhaps this will lead to more outbreaks, but maybe-just maybe  the bullies will also pause, just for a moment and wonder if they want to roll the dice today...

 Most of you already know my political leanings and what is behind them, today is a day for all of us whether Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Libertarians and all else to stand shoulder to shoulder proudly as AMERICANS!

One last note: While Osama Bin Laden will not be meeting up with the 100 virgins he so deeply anticipated during his life, As a Catholic I firmly believe he will meet up with THE Virgin. And that Virgin is likely to say something along the lines of  "Do whatever He tells you..." John 2:5  which leaves the door wide open for a thumbs up or down.So I'll leave the judgment to Him who actually knows how to weigh mens hearts.
 (But I have my opinions...)