Saturday, May 21, 2011

Left Behind

Well, I'm still here. To make matters worse, I was pretty sure I was on the A list. Talk about disappointment. I am not even sure how to proceed. Is it worth still going forward? I'm pretty certain there are no second chances for the rapture. Are we all just totally dissed now? Does it mean a Zombie invasion is imminent? 

I am also really alarmed by how few people were actually taken. I mean honestly folks NO ONE I know is even missing! ( well except for Joe, but it turns out he was in the downstairs bathroom and couldn't hear me calling.) Gosh we must really be a bunch of heathens. Realistically, I knew most of you were  pagans, but still, I had hope. I wonder where the folks who made it were actually 'taken' from? Maybe Georgia. Dang, I bet Tammy is gone.Or -GASP- maybe New York! Oh no!  I am sure most of my siblings made first cut.Oh my gosh I'm probably an orphan!  Ang, are you still out there? Paul? Anyone? Please phone home!

Please if anyone else was left behind PLEASE contact me so we can set up a check point meeting place! 

I would also like to begin compiling data on those who were taken so please send me the names of anyone you know who is gone and I will begin the arduous task of collating a comprehensive list of saved souls for documentation. (So far I have only one name listed as actually missing-a French fellow by the name of Strauss Kahn, but I am getting conflicting reports on his whereabouts,so stay tuned.)


  1. Dang! I was so looking forward to spending quality time with all my raptured neighbors' dogs and cats!

  2. Who are you kidding, that was gonna be a 'for profit' venture on your part!

  3. It's amazing how MANY people around here took this so seriously. Billboards everywhere. Kids came into the school in tears (older ones) who had heard on the radio that the end of the world was coming. I went Camping with my husband. Felt it was the best place to avoid the Zombies and so forth. We had a nice trip and actually made it back home!