Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, one of the things you all missed last week during the internet/phone outage  - I keep thinking it was a power outage- but it turns out you CAN actually still use the rest of the electricity in the house, even if the internet isn't working- I still cooked dinner, and vacuumed, and did laundry but with no phone or internet but it felt kind of "illegal". What you missed in the run on sentence above, was that I got my haircut.

I know some of you keep asking me for a picture of myself and I always tell you that I hate pictures of myself and you ask for them again anyway. There is a reason I hate pictures of myself. I always look bad in pictures. Some pictures come out OK, but most don't.

And even the ones that are just OK, usually have me thinking 'boy I should really buy some new clothes, I look disheveled'. And to be honest, I usually look disheveled. I'd like to blame that on ten kids but I know other Mom's ( I am thinking of a few right now) that just always have it together in the appearance department. I am not generally one of them. I guess in the grand scheme of things it could be worse.I think I have a lot of bad hair days.

Don't worry I am not suffering from a poor self image, I know I am reasonably pretty and more importantly I  clean up really well (when I put the time in). I am just being honest. Pictures and me don't go well together. Its pretty simple.

ANYWAY, so I got my hair cut! I grew it for a few years and then donated about 12 inches to locks of love! How cool that my hair will be on someone else's head?  I am happy about that. Its about as close as I'll ever get in this life to knowing what it feels like to be an organ donor. I wonder if the kid wearing it will like to have  pictures taken?

So now it the moment you've all been waiting for. You actually get to see a picture of me with my new haircut!

WELL? Isn't it great???
Personally- I think I look ten years younger!
(Needless to say, Fred LOVES it!)


  1. You got me chuckling there, pal. I'm sure you look awesome, whichever way. After all, you look just like my mom, and popular opinion agrees she was a fox. Case closed.

  2. ...I expected nothing less from you Cindy... I mean, Uh, Ellie ;)