Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To Sleep or Not to Sleep, that is the Question



Fred and I are wondering what happens in prolonged sleep deprivation situations..We are both starting to feel like we've done a tour in Gitmo. Neither of us really complain about the whole 'parenting sleep deprivation' thing, but last night NO ONE in our house slept for more than 2 hours. Seriously. And we were all up and awake and talking about how we just couldn't sleep. AHHHHHHH! How perfectly awful.

How we all managed to actually function the rest of the day is beyond my comprehension. I will tell you that by the end of the day Fred and I got in the car and drove into Frederick to find ourselves wandering around a Home Depot aimlessly. We wound up buying 2 lids for paint buckets which were certainly NOT the reason we were heading there in the first place. Thankfully, Fred seemed to realize our precarious situation and announced out loud in the Home Depot "Ellie, we're sleep deprived we should go home, we don't even know what we're doing anymore". And so we drove home.

I'd write more but ...this is how I feel....

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  1. That is the worst's what being on bad drugs must be like. Prayer that you get more sleep soon!