Friday, May 27, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

Paige and I went strawberry picking with the kids today. What a wonderful thing for children to do. I have to say I think Sarah was the best picker in our group. She was also the best eater! I am planning on doing strawberry jam  tomorrow or Sunday and also some strawberry/pineapple/rhubarb jam as well. I love to make jam. Its so much easier than it looks. I have been faithfully making it since we first were married and its always a highlight of summer for me. So we spent a few hours at Baughers farm picking this morning then came home and swam for the afternoon. 

This evening we took all our kids and Isabelle to the town fair! Isabelle is the daughter of my lovely friend Elizabeth. What can I tell you about Elizabeth? Hmmm. Its hard to know where to begin. She is truly wonderful. I don't know if I have ever met someone as naturally insightful as she is in my life, or giving. I always leave a conversation with a better insight into myself or some life situation. She called yesterday and told me she was working but did not want her daughter to miss the fair- would we happen to be going? Now if you know Fred and me, you know we love fairs. They never get old to me. I am transported to wonderland as soon I enter. So Isabelle 'needing' a ride was pretty much the best news of my day! We picked her up after track this evening. Of course no sooner did we pay for all our tickets than a MAJOR storm came rolling in and the fair shut down. Fred and I looked at each other and nodded "Lets wait it out in the car." So, while everyone else was leaving by the droves, we all packed inside the van with cotton candy and a game of  "Grandmothers Trunk". After a while the storm passed, along with the rain - lo and behold we had the fair grounds virtually to ourselves. YES! We rode every ride, played lots of games, and ate lots of fair food. The kids will probably not wake up for 2 days. What a perfectly fun day. 

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