Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Cold, Rainy, Wet Track Day

We spent the better part of the day shivering and cheering in the rain today. We're about halfway through our track meets for the season and meets don't get cancelled unless there is severe weather like lightning or floods and not just annoying weather that makes you cold and sick like today. My older three ( teenagers) didn't compete as they had this past week off from school and were pulling the last-day-off-to-catch-up-on-homework-due-for-tomorrow routine. So Fred and I headed out with our other competitors and dealt with the wet weather. 

 New driver story alert: Before we left home, Peter offered to make dinner for us all tonight so we wouldn't have to deal with it when we got home ( he is actually really thoughtful in that way, so is John-Paul. They both like to cook and are really handy around the kitchen.) So the cell phone rang while we were driving out of town. Peter was calling to tell us there was no foil left for the roast he was cooking and he didn't know what to do. I told him to send Andrew to the grocery store and heard absolute glee and astonishment in his voice as he told Andrew he could:

"DRIVE to the store to get aluminum foil!"





"Wow,MOM, This is REALLY gonna come in handy!"

Really. This is how it's going to work from now on. And while Fred and I didn't feel comfortable letting Andrew take the car to go to ballroom dancing last night; around town for a while during the day is just fine. Before you ask- all the homeschoolers go once a month for an old fashioned dance with lessons, and girls in dresses and boys in jackets, with chaperones, at a local parish and they love it. Two dance teachers show up and give a lesson on The Waltz,  Samba, Swing, The Tango- and the kids all learn it and everyone gets partners ( no wallflowers or shyness here) Isn't that cool? Last night there was close to 100 teenagers in attendance. 

OK, back to the track.So our little running competitors actually did really well. We could see the improvement since the beginning of the season and that is neat. The boys are getting into the groove. Well, most of them are. Michael doesn't seem to be getting it yet. He kind of 'wanders' down the track quickly rather than run. Last meet, he swung his arms mechanically from side to side for the duration of the whole 50 meters as he ran down the track. When we asked him about it later he said he was a robot doing karate chops. Hmmm?  He also seemed unsure of his name today when one of the coaches asked him for it to record him for his distance on the long jump. 

Mike: Am I Michael?
Mike:Am I six???
Me:Yes Michael you're six. 
Mike:Oh-kaaaayyy Mom.

Hopefully he'll have strengths in other areas. There's still time.He's only six.  

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