Saturday, May 7, 2011

Black Eyed T's.

 Just had to show you this shot of the worst  ever black eye. In all my years of mothering, this is by far the worst shiner I have ever seen. It belongs to poor Thomas ( ergo the "T" in the caption.)

And NO- none of his brothers did this to him. And NO- none of his sisters did this to him. And NO- none of the neighborhood bullies did this to him ( did you really think any of MY kids would be bullied? Hah!)  And NO- neither Fred nor I did this to him.

He was at track practice and ran head on into another little girl!

Wow, that just smarts doesn't it?
The most interesting part is that he says it doesn't even hurt him a "teensy, weensy, little bit". I cannot imagine how that doesn't hurt but he says so, and I believe him.

We've been making a big deal of it for him to let him know how cool he looks with it. The boys all told him he looked like a pirate for the play last night. I think the purple will be there for at least a few days. Kids heal quickly- Mother's not so quickly.

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  1. Poor Thomas! He does look awfully cute, even with the purple eye! Hey, purple is one of my very favorite colors. ;) Please tell him we all hope it gets better quickly (not feels better since it doesn't hurt at all - hehe)