Thursday, May 5, 2011


Another day, another post about Osama. This time I am wondering why a portion of folks seem to need 'proof' through an image of a dead man that he has actually been killed. I don't feel strongly inclined to lean either way on this one. After reading several articles on the topic, I began to think it through though. I think some people might actually need to see something to feel closure , especially if a loved one was killed at the hands of this monster. I am not of that mind set, but I can understand  and respect that desire. I also believe hindsight is 20/20. It would have been really smart if someone in the administration had decided on the story and then, stuck with the plan. Since we already know seeing is believing, some 'evidence' should be forthcoming to quell our nations very natural fears to enemy #1.  The constant adjustments to the story do tend to ignite 'alternate theories'. (But of course, my thought on that would be if he really wasn't dead, we'd have a crystal clear story with tons of pictures, and videos and paraphernalia saying: "I went to Pakistan in a stealth helicopter to kill Osama and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!")

Others seem simply to want to see the shot. Again, I don't really care- it doesn't really 'prove' anything in my opinion, as you will either believe he is dead (I do) or no proof will ever be enough ( conspiracy theory). A lot of people seem to be clamoring about past policies and how if we had to show other pictures, we should have to show these, and also that we shouldn't worry about Islamic sensitivities and just show the image. I actually think it's prudent not to release it. 

After I heard the news initially, I wanted to read about how it went down, but there was one particular image that removed all doubt that he was dead from my mind. It was this one of the briefing room.

I am a pretty good read of people and body language by nature, it is my strong opinion these men and women are not just viewing Kirstie Alley taking another dive on Dancing with the Stars

 When H.Clinton was asked about this particular picture she said it was likely her response to "seasonal allergies"! I burst out laughing when I read it. A whole bunch of my kids have seasonal allergies and I swear to you, they never look like they are viewing an assassination when they sneeze! NEVER!


If that's her response to allergies I need to introduce her to my friend Claritin.
So I ask you...which was it?

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