Thursday, May 26, 2011


Michael and Mary are about the fiercest enemies I have ever seen. Michael was our long awaited seventh son. There could not have been more hooting or hollering when he was finally born.

Until of course, the little pink bundle came along. All those older boys had literally been praying for a little sister and were incredibly happy at her arrival. Finally a little sister! Finally a girl! They thought she was cute, and sweet, and cuddly, and special. All except Michael. Michael had no idea what a girl was and didn't really care. He just knew that no matter what she did to him, it wasn't OK to hit girls and boy does he resent it. The male pecking order stops at Michael and he has no one to pass the aggression along to. But he does find other ways.

Here is a sampling of todays conversation:

Mary: Mommy? Am I pretty? ( a frequent preoccupation.)

Thomas:(interrupting before I got a chance to answer) No Mary, you're not pretty, you're super pretty!

Michael: Yeah,Mary you're pretty- but you're also dumb.

Mary: God doesn't like it when you say dumb Michael.

Michael: Be quiet Mary!

Mary: Mommy, I am never, ever,ever, going to say the word dumb again, ever! ( smiling sweetly)

Michael: MARY!!!!(followed by a lunge)

You can feel his frustration. I hope one day they can be friends. I don't think either of them could get any cuter. But they sure do fight a lot. I told them today if they're not careful they'll wind up in the slammer. It seemed to help. At least for a little while.

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