Saturday, May 14, 2011

D'ya Miss me?

Well, my internet and phone line went out on Thursday and I got it back today. I am sorry for the delay in posting. Really, it couldn't be helped. Of course, what it did do was give me all sorts of things to post about when I actually could get back to it, so stay tuned,  it should be an exciting week on the blog with me trying to empty my head and all! (ssshhhh it is not already empty!)

I guess I should start by telling you about the socks. Not the Sox, I mean the socks.  You know all the mismatched ones lying around waiting for a match? I got really sick of them. I mean REALLY sick of them! It seemed to me at times my whole house was being taken over by socks for a while there. None of them matching and they were all making me crazy.

There were:
Big socks and little socks, 
red socks and blue socks, 
old socks and new socks, 
here come Suess socks! 

The worse part about this situation was that my children do not wear shoes. The socks in our house are all holey ( not holy) because little feet run around with no shoes. So do big feet. 

I can't tell you which pair of feet were the ones that did me in, but one set must have. It was just too much to try to sort or fold, or deal with any longer. Then I snapped. I decided to just throw them all out last week. 


I didn't yell or scream or shout, I just went to the sock drawer ( we don't even bother trying to discern whose socks are whose any longer) and I emptied it into a big black garbage bag. Then as each subsequent load of laundry came out of the washing machine, I did it again, and again, until there was a complete extermination of socks in our house. When anyone tried to stop me by being reasonable I laughed. 

"But Mom, we do need socks sometimes....what will we do then?" 
I smiled and said "don't worry I'll get more socks!"
" Tonight."

Then I let the day expire and when asked again about the socks- I said 
"Whoops! Plum forgot. I'll get to it tomorrow!"

(lather, rinse, repeat.)

I actually did this a whole bunch of days (almost a week) until Fred complained. It certainly didn't pose any problem to me since as soon as it is warm enough my sandals and I are inseparable. But Fred, who was doing his best to be patient with me  finally put his (sockless) foot down.

So we headed to the store last night and I purchased  3 bags of socks. When I cam home it was like Christmas. OK Christmas past. Really really past like those stories I heard about with children getting oranges in their Christmas stockings and me wondering when an orange would EVER be a present that would be a score?

In any case my kids were so grateful for the socks they all seem to be taking better care of them today. And because I am no longer over run by them we can actually put them in the proper drawers and act like human beings for a little while. 

Yes folks once again, its those little things in life. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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