Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A World Without Twinkies (and Other Random Thoughts)

Random thoughts are presenting themselves to me once again today. Since this seemed to please you all so much last time, I figured I'd let you in on them once again. Here goes:

  • Today I was forced to consider a world without Twinkies. Hostess is having difficulty pulling itself out of bankruptcy. As if it wasn't bad enough that Greece was spreading her errors throughout Europe, now the contagion is affecting my baked goods.

  • Fred has a simple policy  lately  for choosing a Presidential candidate. He has decided NOT TO VOTE for any candidate whose name  resembles an ice-cream flavor. "I'll have a Mitt Romney please!" That reality is simply chilling ( no pun intended). My husband is so wise.

  • Those cute little Valentine hearts we should be seeing ANY DAY now in stores known as 'Conversation Hearts' which have all sorts of great messages on them- don't contain nearly enough sugar to qualify as real candy. Lets boycott them.

  • Why is it that Clark Kent's parents cannot recognize him without glasses? WORST DISGUISE EVER in my opinion.

I am the the holder of a Red Royalty card Ladies and Gentlemen- and I intend to use it. In case you are not aware of what a Red Royalty card is- I'll let you in on my little secret. Every time I visit the AWESOME RED ROBIN, they punch my card for every burger I purchase, and when I get to ten I get a FREE AWESOME BURGER! Move over coffee club, you look pathetic next to my Red Royalty card! (Did you really think I could do a random post without mentioning Red Robin? Really???)

  • I do my best writing while I am actually running on my treadmill.

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