Friday, January 27, 2012

Twelve and Two

Today it was two fer one Birthday's at our house. Matty turned 12 and Sophie turned 2. Andrew took Matthew and Joe ice skating and out to lunch to celebrate. They had a blast. The big drama of the day came when my dear talented friend Sarah dropped off her masterpiece birthday cake for Matthew and Sophia. Matt has taken a shine to Sarah and so she wanted to make a special cake for his special day with an ice skating theme. As she left I found Mary and Sarah perched on top of the kitchen counter staring longingly at the cake. I scolded them for setting a bad example for Sophie who would not possibly be able to resist the cake if she could get near to it. 

Scooting them away I placed it gingerly on the furthest counter out of reach, and went back to work on the mountain of office and school  paperwork I had to finish. Within less then 5 minutes she had done it. Matt alerted me to the situation. I came in to find Sophie covered in blue icing and a missing ice skater off the top of the cake. She pulled a chair over and climbed onto the counter and WENT AT IT! I really almost, lost it.
I came oh so close, but thank God I was able to hold it together. I sent everyone out of the kitchen with my stern voice, and heard the scurrying of lots of little feet who knew there was trouble brewing. I did manage to fix the little girl ice-skater up enough to make it work, but am so sad I didn't first get a picture of it.Actually she looked kind of like she was sunk in the pond during an ice-skating session gone awry and Matt was rescuing her, but at least it was not simply a giant hole in the cake.  I am glad she didn't take a bigger chunk out of it or it would have been doomed. ( Michael did that to John Paul's birthday cake one year. he literally mangled the entire thing. THEN when I redid the cake, he went back at it again- same day- two cakes- finished. TRUE STORY!) 

In any case the cake still tasted awesome. Despite the skating accident. Especially after we swallowed down 4 pizzas for dinner. Pizza makes everything better doesn't it? Matt also was stellar in not blowing his top after wanting that cake so much. He has watched every episode of Cake Boss and picked Sarahs brain on how to make cakes for months now! He was sparkling with happiness when that cake arrived. (Ellen don't go back there- it done- phew)

Sophie was blissfully unaware she had caused any trouble. She managed to eat about 3 pieces of cake and also loved her new ELMO doll. (Hmm I wonder why she would have a liking for ELMO? Maybe it has to do with her little friend Baby A who loves Elmo too!) And, she is two after all, so it kinda fits how she should behave. 

All is well that ends well. Happy Birthday Matt and Lo Lo!

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