Monday, January 23, 2012

Did You Figure Out Yet I'm Pro-Life?

I assume most of you have figured out from my Catholic, conservative, simply-unending-by-today's-standards family size that I am unabashedly Pro-Life. If not, well you're a little slow on the uptake. I think babies are people,and they should have rights. I base this on the fact that every time I have been pregnant, a person miraculously appeared from my body 9 months later. An entirely separate human being from myself. To terminate that life which I legally could have done, but never morally could have- would have kept one of my children from entering this world. And I don't think you need to argue with a woman who has spent approximately 90 months of her life puking over a toilet that pregnancy can be difficult. I got that one down pretty good. You also don't have to tell her that it can be life threatening- as I spent my whole pregnancy with Andrew ( he was my first ) on my back since I had a placental abruption and I was told I could easily bleed to death and he be lost any second. I got the danger part.
I also had 4 miscarriages and wept over all of them but one. The last miscarriage I didn't cry about at all. I had been 11 weeks pregnant when things started to go wrong. I finally went to the doctor after 11 days and he told me instead of doing an ultrasound and having to have me see an empty uterus on the screen where there once had been a full one- he'd simply confirm the loss with a blood test. The next morning he called and said "Get right in here" and lo and behold on the screen was a bouncing baby boy, and yes an empty sac next to it. I lost one baby, but kept the other. And I was so happy that I was still pregnant that I decided never to mourn for that other baby, and instead keep the memory alive in this other little child whom I named Thomas ( the name means twin).

Here is something else I will tell you. I know a few women who have had abortions. I know they are still very sad about that. I am still your friend and I love you and am so sorry, and I never forget you on days like today. I promise I hold you even tighter in my heart and am always here to listen if you need me, or give a hug.  

I also know some folks who support abortion rights, and while I disagree with you vehemently on this issue, and cannot forfeit that position even a tiny bit -I still love you  all too ( but for goodness sake when are you going to change your minds???? Hurry up would ya? The clock is tick, tick, ticking!) 

Remember Life is good- don't take it for granted!

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