Friday, January 6, 2012


I haven't done a Health and Fitness post recently so here goes. I got through the holidays pretty well. I never gave up exercise completely ( though I got a bit spotty for a few days). I ate too much. There I said it.

I don't know if I gained anything since I am avoiding the scale presently. I have since reformed my ways, as has Fred. In fact We both are finishing up our first full week of diet and exercise once again. I feel good about that. Fred has set out lofty goals for himself, I am just making a point of being healthy.

I am also stoked that I have this awesome tread mill in my basement! I have run 5 days in a row on it and it is wonderful! I never have an excuse now to skip. I don't have to worry about what I am wearing, or asking the older boys to watch the kids while I go work out, or traipsing around in the cold! It is miraculous.

I have to be honest here and tell you that I really grew tired of the rich food pretty quickly. I enjoy celebrating and having fun, but it also just doesn't agree with me after a short while.I like salad. I don't find eating healthy a punishment ( though I can see why you could feel that way) So, there it all is. Thanks for keeping me accountable!

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