Monday, January 9, 2012

Looth Tooth

Michael, the illustrious seventh and youngest son in our family, is working on losing his second tooth in a week. He is already seven years old, so these teeth are hanging on for dear life from my remembered experience. The first one went a few days ago, after almost 2 months of Mike trying to keep it in his head. It was barely hanging on when Fred reached into his mouth, and yet he let out the most blood curdling scream I have ever heard at the loss of a tooth.

Which of course is no small number in our house. If I guesstimate correctly its 20 teeth per child ( plus the one Andy lost to a ram- but that's a story for a different time)  which brings the total up to almost 120 thus far. And we haven't even begun on the little girls.

Yes, the tooth fairy is a regular at our place. In fact we've made up a little bed for her and usually leave a few snacks ( sugary snacks! heehee!). Some of the kids have almost caught her, but you all know how tricky she is. I also had a child try to fake her out by leaving not a tooth, but a small white pebble that looked remarkably like a tooth. We were clear he was NOT to do that again and risk angering her, lest he ruin the chances for good little children to get some reward for their actual teeth.

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