Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thems' Fighting Words

 Ya know I am all for letting everybody have their say, especially when it comes to politics. Most of you know that despite my own strong feelings on various matters, I do my utmost to be respectful of the fact not everyone looks out at life though my eyes. I even think that goes for not bad mouthing our President and doing my best to tolerate the difference of opinions he and I have on all kinds of fronts.

But guess what ladies and gents- my tolerance has found its limit. That would be the HHS Mandate. In case you don't yet know what that is yet, it is a bill forcing all employers  including the Catholic ones to  provide contraceptives, (even those whose properties act as abortifacients). Let me clear of what that list looks like:
  •  Catholic Charities
  •  Catholic Relief Services
  •  Catholic hospitals
  •  Food banks
  •  Homeless shelters
  •  Most Catholic schools
  •  Most diocesan offices
  •  Catholic business owners

Essentially the Obama administration has told all Catholic institutions they must comply with his decision that they need to violate their conscience. In every way this is wrong. I am incensed and disgusted that any nation would push this rubbish on its citizens. Our great nation was founded on principals that support religious freedom among many other freedoms that are now being trampled on. As a caveat, he has given us a year to get used to violating our conscience. 

Well, I'll tell you this Mr. President. I don't need a year to decide if I am willing to violate my conscience. I don't need even an extra day. It ain't gonna happen

As a mother of ten children, who has faced down more obgyn's then I'd care to remember- I can assure you I have had my conscience challenged plenty of times. I have heard all my Catholic girlfriends tell the same story baby after baby. You no sooner finish giving birth than have the entire hospital converge at your bedside to offer you a chance to violate your conscience and push pills on you despite the fact that you clearly tell them it goes against the teachings of your church and your conscience. 

How bout a snip?
What about your husband?
Want a prescription?
You know how this happens don't you?
Are You SURE????

I did not make it through that gauntlet and come this far in my life to be told by my President that it is suddenly time for him to decide the teachings of my church can be 'legally violated'. Seriously? Do you really believe I will let your word prevail against Jesus Christ? 

And make no mistake about this, this is not the DEMOCRAT position. This is not the LIBERAL position.
Sean Michael Winters is about the most liberal democrat Catholic in existence and even he finds terrible fault with this position. I will not lump all of you good folks out  there with this one. I know you are probably just as disgusted with this as I am ( and if you're not well, you SHOULD BE!) This is so Anti-American I could just scream. I am starting to actually believe this guy was not born here with views like this!

Mr President, you are seriously out of line. And if its a fight you want, 


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