Monday, January 2, 2012

Joe's First Decade

Joe-Joe turned 10 today. I think I mentioned in the past that we have birthday alley from mid-September until Early November in our house, and that Birthday Blitz begins in January. Today was the day. Directly after ALL the holidays and parties and rich food and eating -just when all you good folks have had enough- Joseph decided to announce his presence to the world.

He turned ten years old today! How could that be? (Especially since I am still not over the labor pains, gosh his was a terrible birth!)

Joe's older brothers all took him ice skating for his birthday and they had a blast. They all keep telling me they're getting to be really good skaters, but as far as I can tell that simply means 'fast' and apparently their 'good skating' techniques has them barreling into other less skilled attendees at the rink.Thank God I can't be everywhere. There are just too many of us at this point for me to have to handle ALL that embarrassment.

We had a sweet party for the ten year old tonight. He seemed to have a good day. The rest of us started back to school which went surprisingly well. Third quarter is my worst time of year. I get through it on sheer will power. If I can tackle a couple of weeks in good spirits to start, that might change the outlook overall-fingers crossed!

Lastly- for all you wonderful readers who were very concerned about my lack of sleep -SIGH-I hate to tell you last night was the worst so far. I won't get into the gory details of how awful it actually got, but it was the pits. Somehow I managed to get through the day despite how pathetically tired I felt. I even got a run in late afternoon which made me feel somehow better.I am consoling myself with the picture below, as I know these days of blissful sleep DID happen in the past ( as evidenced in the photo) and will likely happen once again.

Here is hoping for better luck tonight.

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