Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etta James and Paul

Aside from having an incredibly cool name, I am posting because Etta James died today. I am not a big music person. I don't listen to it much, and I don't know a whole lot about it. BUT,  I do know an incredibly good song when I hear it, and Etta James managed to capture my attention. Apparently dear Etta battled a whole lot in her long life, you may read about that elsewhere, but she will be remembered most especially for her unbelievable voice. 

Curiously I also am CERTAIN that my dear brother Paul will be very sad she has passed. Paul, unlike me has always loved good music. And, if I know anything at all about music it is likely because I had interrupted my amazing brother, in his room while he was in the midst of listening to music as we grew up; and he patiently sat listening to me ask him about the meaning of life for the millionth time, spoiling his plans for yet another quiet evening in exchange for a silly young teenage girl who didn't know which way was up.

I have vague memories of asking him what he was listening to while I pondered my mortality and Paul's gentle responses of "Jazz"  or "I am listening to the blues Ellie- what do ya think of it?" and I would answer with a plethora of  more philosophical questions , and finally when Paul had really come to the end of his wits- he would hand me a book, and I would know it was time to leave. Paul loved Science Fiction ( loves- sorry, not everyone has died tonight along with Etta!). And every book Paul ever handed to me I read. (which might also explain why I often try to find the meaning of life outside of this universe! It has been a long time since my mind has been settled on this planet only!) When I found that Fred loved Science Fiction too, it pretty much sealed the deal. 

And since my sub-conscience has soaked in enough of those conversations to give me a real glimpse of my wonderful brother; whom I absolutely love and will always be eternally grateful God placed on this planet with me  to understand- I know this is the type of music he just loves.  And because he loved it, and didn't kick me out of his room- I love it too!

Thanks Paul- in case I haven't mentioned it before. You really are a gem! And sadly-this one goes out to you from both me and Etta- God rest her soul ( and yes, I will still be wondering where she now is?)~

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