Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Third Quarter

Boy- do I despise third quarter. First quarter is great, second quarter I have Christmas to look forward to and fourth quarter we are sliding into home base. Third quarter is difficult because:

  • Its hard to get the momentum back up once you've had a few weeks off
  • It is cold
  • It is the hardest of the work because by this point you already have figured out the problem areas and are now focusing in on them
  • The kids are reluctant
  • They also cannot go outside to play at the end of the school day and so tend to bicker
  • The TV and computer get too much use. 
  • It interrupts ski season
  • It makes me grumpy
I know it it still the same number of weeks as the other quarters, but it feels like it is twice the length. I simply muddle through third quarter each year. Does everyone feel this way, or it is just me? As soon as the fourth quarter comes around I am happy again. I feel lighter. It is just around the corner isn't it? Only seven more weeks after this one!

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