Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Will YOU Do for Lent?

Ash Wednesday is coming up. A week from today. Have you made any plans yet for what you'll be doing?  I have ( of course, since I am a planner- I actually look forward to Lent and planning it all out!) I also like the whole idea of penance. I know that sounds a little crazy. I guess I just always find that it straightens out my twisted thinking to deny myself of certain things. I realize what things are a luxury, and in which ways I am wasteful, and where I still need to grow. I think a 40 day period for getting your life in order is just tremendous. Fred and I have already made a few decisions we're kind of excited about. One of them is called 40 bags in 40 days. The idea is to declutter your house one bag at a time over 40 days. You make a list at the start and then buy those big black  contractor bags and on day one- you fill one bag until you end. Each bag either goes to trash, recycle, or giveaways.

We always try to pray more as a family during Lent too, but we haven't outlined that piece yet. The rosary is my favorite as most of you know by now. Then we also make an effort to do something good and here Fred and I part ways. He brings the children to the local nursing home ( and yes I reluctantly go along but feel so heavy hearted when I do) and I pick homeless shelters or drug rehabs to do drop-ins at.

So, think about it. What will you do for 40 days to improve yourself and make up for some of your sins, and be more grateful for the life God has given you? It can be a small something, but pick something. We can all do a little something can't we?

(P.S. I will make you $100.00 bet my sister Angela answers this post saying she is giving up chocolate and we'll all spend the next 40 days hearing about her withdrawals -God help us all!)

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