Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Incredible Human Nature

We are watching a NOVA program on Trishna and Krishna the co-joined twin girls. When I first encounter a story like this, my knee jerk reaction is to turn to God and ask "why?" and fall into hopelessness. These two little girls from Calcutta are a simply amazing gift to the world.

How amazing that doctors were able to separate them and give them productive lives on their own. What at first appears all sadness, slowly turns into a miraculous story. From the woman who adopted them, to the doctors and nurses who are true miracle workers and separated them, to the little girls themselves who are growing and progressing- the story has meaning.

Christianity answers the question for me of how to make sense out of suffering for me. This is a perfect example. Think you had a bad day? How 'bout now after seeing them? Aren't they lovely?

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