Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lo Lo's Language

Lo Lo has developed her own brand of speak. Most children do. Their parents are  the only ones to notice it and it fades pretty quickly for most 2 year olds. It is also one of the best parts of parenthood in my opinion. It's such an amazing feat to express oneself, and to watch it develop is wonderful. Words start to come forth, and the cutest mistakes ever as well. Lo Lo speaks a whole lot. She also puts everything and everyone  in the past tense by placing a simple "d " at the end of most words.

"Mommy's on the complutered."

"We had  dat for dinnered."

"Petered liked dat."

"Dora's on the TVeed."

Lo Lo rocks. She also gets up in the middle of the night sometimes now and walks around the house until she finds us. Then she lays herself down and kisses my face and says "I loved you Mommy." I love that her past tense is part of my present tense.

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