Monday, February 6, 2012

Blaise or Blaze?

Please forgive me if my voice seems a little quieter than normal tonight. I have the beginnings of a sore throat. It began midday and has been building momentum. I am drinking tea, already so yes-thanks for asking! If it gets bad I will use chloraseptic. Peter says I need to gargle with vinegar, but alas I have none on hand (shucks- I was really looking forward to GARGLING with VINEGAR????gross! Sure Pete right after I do an eye wash with cayenne pepper!)

 The irony of course is that I counted myself lucky for having gone to mass last week on the feast of St. Blaise and had my throat blessed. Hee hee I chuckled to myself as my throat was blessed against all harm! Not gonna get me this year! It is barely a week old blessing at this point. I need to contact the returns department. Apparently some of the wires got crossed up above and someone sent me a blazing throat rather than a blessing for my throat from St Blaise.I'll have to talk to the Blessed Virgin about that. (In case I haven't mentioned her lately, boy do I love Mary!)

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