Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tomorrow We Fast!

We are offering a fast tomorrow as a family, to combat the HHS mandate. Fred and I stopped at Panera's tonight and picked up a few loaves of bread, and I'll get my bread maker out tonight too. Any and all of you are welcome to join us in our fast. Come on it'll be fun! Challenge yourself for a good cause!  It has been wonderful hearing from so many of you through email and phone calls and your support for the movement to restore our Religious freedom. I am also glad you seem to realize that this fight is not simply about contraception. It is about religious liberty, and the first amendment. And just in case you haven't read the first amendment lately, I'll post it here:

In other news I have some incredibly encouraging links to share with you all about how the fight is going. The Bishop count for those who have spoken out has reached 140 out of 195 making that 75% of our bishops! 
The Becket fund put on their website that more than 40 non-Catholic organizations and other denominations have signed on to help the Church fight this battle. Our protestant and Jewish brothers and sisters also see the harm being inflicted through this legislation. Ave Maria Radio has also set up a website to gather support and compile petitions against HHS. You can check out their site here.

And little ole' me did some beacon lighting today as well. I sent a few emails off asking some faithful friends to help out here and there, and boy was the response overwhelming! I had the distinct feeling of the hobbit Merrie from Lord of the Rings before that huge battle begins. For such a small creature he did an awful lot of good by just lighting that small flame. We mustn't forget that every little bit counts! We may be very small creatures, but we all have a father in heaven who loves us and hears our cries and petitions.Remind yourselves - if Christ be for us, WHO can be against us! Don't forget to light your own beacons tomorrow- spread the word!

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