Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harpers Ferry

My cousin Bob came for a visit this past week. He is in from Wisconsin and drove 5+ hours to visit the crew here in MD. On Tuesday we drove down to Harpers Ferry where Bob used to work for many years as a Park Ranger. He took us all for a tour and did a phenomenal job helping the kids enter into the historical significance of this place that helped begin the Civil War. Bob also happens to be a Historian and so sprinkles all sorts of interesting facts into his little talks and asking the kids tons of questions to get them thinking about significant events. The day was windy but that somehow added to the experience for us all.
embarking on our tour
the whole gang!
All of the kids insisted Bob hold or carry them at one point
the flood markings from greta storms in days past
reunion of 2 old friend!
We wound up spending the evening around the fire in the living room, eating tons of cookies on Shrove Tuesday and talking about God, religion and education long into the night. All of us seemed to take a great deal away from the conversations and I am still chewing on a lot of it. For me, perhaps the most pleasant aspect of the whole visit was hearing stories about my family I could never have heard from anywhere else. It is so neat to see my family from different angles and hear about my grandparents, and aunts and uncles, and cousins too. Bob told us so many colorful stories, and touching ones as well. My kids simply LOVED him and said they could have spoken to him for weeks. I am afraid we probably exhausted him. But I am also certain it was a good exhaustion. My kids think Bob is quite special- I agree. 

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