Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Kid's Lenten View

Lent started last Wednesday. All those in our house capable of discerning the meaning of it chose various things to do or not do during the next 40 days to prepare. I find it really interesting that the younger children really want to participate even though there is no pressure to do so. It really hits me how much our example helps to form a small person, and that works in both good and bad ways as most of you can attest to. This morning Thomas told Fred and me  he intended to not just give up sweets for Lent, but for two days after Lent was over as well. I gently explained I think 40 days is a good long time for a little boy to do without sweets and that he needn't add the extra two. I can imagine him writhing in agony on Easter Sunday trying to refrain from the chocolate bunny and it hurt me far more than it hurt him!
Michael followed into the room and announced he wouldn't play any computer games ( despite the fact he isn't allowed to anyway- still it was generous of him to offer it).
Sarah hearing her brothers talk about what they were giving up chimed right in "I'm gonna give up sumpin too!"
" OK Sarah, what are you giving up?" I asked.
"I'm gonna give up breaking things!" I must have gotten a puzzled look on my face cause she followed up with:
" I won't break any toys or touch things I'm not supposed to."

  Wow, that was a really generous thought! Sarah has quite a knack for getting into all sorts of things she shouldn't and slinking quietly away leaving the damage to be found later.
Lastly Mary came in and with a noble smile announced she would not be eating candy for Lent. She followed up by asking if cookies were candy too? I told her they weren't but that to make things easier for all of the kids I wouldn't buy cookies during Lent. This seemed to help everyone to feel better overall
( though a good cookie temptation would probably forge steel in the soul of my children!).

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