Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pope Benedict

Sometimes, I read something that  strikes me to the core. Late last night was one of those times.I finished posting and was getting ready for bed, when I decided to check one of the blogs that I read now and again. It had a short post and said the following: 

“We who have known God since we were young, must ask forgiveness,” 

The Pope said an apology is due because:

“we bring people so little of the light of His face, because from us comes so little certainty that He exists, that He is there, and that He is the Great One that everyone is waiting for.”

He might as well have called me on the phone, so personally did I take this message. I do not think I have ever read anything more true. If there is anything I could tell you about myself it is that God has always made himself so present to me throughout all of my life. I just cannot remember a time when I didn't know Him and know that He is love. 

Over the years my faith has morphed, and changed, and grown, but God has not. He is always there, real, and  close. His goodness has been what makes me get up every day, make sense out of all the awfulness of the world, and keep going forward despite the constant barrage of obstacles on the path to eternity. 

I have been a poor witness of His goodness. I have not spoken often enough of his love. I have not shared my experiences of his mercy in my life. I have been lukewarm. He deserves better than that. (especially from a friend!). 

So tonight I will tell you that no matter who you are, or where you are, or what you are-  Jesus loves you, and I know this because Jesus loves me. He is as real to me as Fred or my children. He is love. If I have failed to mention it before, or not often enough, I will try to do better. But please don't let that stop you tonight from asking Him to be part of your life.

"The Lord is my refuge and my strength, a very present help in time of need."

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