Thursday, August 18, 2011


Andrew and Matthew had two teeth pulled this morning each. It was not a fun experience for either of them. It was not fun for me either. As a Mom it is always difficult to watch your kids feel any suffering but a part of you learns to accept that sometimes pain is for our own good ( think baby shots). Today was different because I wasn't prepared for it. I knew they would feel the pinch a bit, but that was not the source of the difficulties. I hadn't realized how badly they both detest needles and how much anguish that in itself would cause them. To their credit, both behaved with grace, but I knew they were suffering inside, and my heart almost broke a few times. After dealing so well with hours in the orthodontic chair the last week or two, I thought the dentist would be a snap by comparison. The whole ordeal lasted 45 minutes total for both. The extractions were not complicated or terribly difficult.  Andrew told me later every minute seemed an hour. They haven't had any pain to speak of afterwards but are both dreading ( along with their mother) going back next week.  They have to return next Tuesday for 2 more a piece. I have never wished more to be able to take another's place.  Remember them kindly in your prayers! 

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