Sunday, August 28, 2011

Homeward Bound

Hurricane Irene was a bust here in Maryland. I did speak with or hear about the rest of our families in New York. Everyone is safe and sound , but most are without power and will probably be without it for a few days.  That is inconvenient but my siblings , like me- take it in stride.Of course the reason WHY I was hoping for the thrill of the storm (without the damage) is because I grew up in a family as big as my own. I know what happens when the power goes out. Shortly after stumbling for candles and flashlights you find the good stuff...Monopoly, Scrabble, RISK. There is nothing quite like playing board games late at night with no power and no idea when it will return.That is the very best part of lights out. (EXCEPT perhaps, eating goodies and then forgetting about them and not even being able to see there is a mess because there is no light!)

I am pretty sure all my siblings without power are somewhere in NY playing board games- (DANG!) At least I am comforted at the thought I would surely be the winner if present.

This one goes out to them from their littlest sis tonight.

(Jiggsy, jiggsy, xi,xi)

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