Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I know I am not supposed to even whisper that school is starting for us next week. My children are all living in denial for the next few days as their freedom melts away before their very eyes. Of course if you have been reading my posts you have probably noticed I have already been in preparation mode for the last few weeks in order to get a jump start on the work load. 

I actually love the Fall. It is my favorite time of year with comfy sweaters, and vibrant colors, and cool crisp air. Once I am past the dreaded work of starting ( which I did a few weeks ago) I actually get excited and begin anticipating the good parts of it. 

This Summer was a success in my opinion. We had a whole lot of fun family time and plenty of break. Fred and I often try to gauge if we are meeting the different needs of our kids. Its always difficult to do that. It is much easier to see where we fail. A short check list we have come up with to measure parental performance consists of making a list of all things we did ( or wanted to ) as kids, and whether or not we are making time for our own kids to do the same. These are the things we got right this summer:

  • Camping
  • Beach
  • Visit family on both sides
  • Museums
  • Pool
  • Creeks
  • State park
  • picnic
  • barbecue
  • fireworks
  • Amusement Park

I am sure Fred would have liked more fishing but we still could make that happen come Fall. Bike rides would have been a good addition too but the roads around here are so dangerous that we tend to be too cautious. I know the kids are ready for school again as the little ones have taken to a high pitched screaming lately. Its born out of boredom and frustration for having too much free time. It will be good to be back to our routine and watch them grow for a while indoors. 

(Hope all your summer plans went well too!)

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