Saturday, August 13, 2011


Our friends Angela and John gave us some tickets to the Keys baseball game tonight in Frederick ( which of course I almost blew completely by mixing up the dates- phew!) Fred headed down (crossing fingers against the rain) to watch with John-Paul, Matt, Joe, Tom, Mike, Mary and Sarah. They had the best seats in the house right above the dugout! The rain held off, and the kids held up. As if all of that wasn't good enough, one of the players threw Mary a ball. Then Joe nabbed one, and finally Mike. Matthew on the other hand got a bat from the team, because- well-because he is Matt! At the end they got to run the bases and meet Keyote ( the team mascot) before finishing up with fireworks. What a perfectly fun night! (Check out the pictures which tell the whole story.)

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  1. Go Keys!

    Susan and I used to go to Keys games back when we lived in Harpers Ferry. We had a great time, though I admit being partial to the old stadium, where you could get even closer to the field.

    I would also go to games with my blind friend Chuck (a fellow ranger). He had an encyclopedic knowledge of baseball- I would describe the action to him as it went down, and he'd give me his opinions on strategy and such.

    Chuck also had a wicked sense of humor- one time when the umpire made what all the Frederick fans thought was a horrible call, he stood up in his seat, waved his cane, and yelled, "I could do a better job!"