Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kitchen Paint

Our kitchen is being painted tomorrow. Yahoo! I can't really believe we are at this stage that I have been waiting for for the last 7 years! I had to switch around my schedule this week to help out at the co-op that the older boys are in . One of our tutors, who happens to teach 4 classes splendidly ( 2 Grammar, 1 History,1 Literature) was out for the first week. This meant I had to pinch hit in a few classes that are not exactly my specialty. Thank God she left clear directions and work. It also meant I had to ask Fred to go to work late and stay at work late so I could fill in. 

I was supposed to start schooling the little ones at 8 am sharp but since Fred was on duty we did afternoon start times instead. I left Fred Monday morning with 6 kids all under 10 and a sink full of dishes. When I came home a few hours later, he had not only kept them safe- he also managed to lay our new kitchen floor. (I am telling you I TOTALLY lucked out with my pick for a mate!). Now that the floor is mostly down,we can put paint on the walls. So Fred lined up the painter and he will be here in the AM. Tonight we picked out a color for the walls. It took Fred and me working together a total of 3 minutes. We both dream about grand decorating ideas, but we know we live with ten people who are a whole lot of work. We see things and talk about how much we like an idea, then when we get the opportunity, we walk into the store and say:
 "Is this OK with you?"
 "OK we'll take 2 cans".

 I guess that's pitiful. Oh well. It works for us. 

Here is the color for the walls ( or at least a close enough match). 
To be honest it doesn't really look like this color at all. The color we picked is much paler, but my image selection is sorely lacking when it comes to color choices. And do you REALLY care anyway? I didn't think so. For that matter, I might as well tell you I picked out this color for the walls.

Maybe I'll just take a few pictures when we're done and you can 'ooh and ahh' from your living rooms then. (Or you can grimace, but at least you'll be in your living room doing so and not mine!)

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