Monday, August 1, 2011

Not Out of the Woods Yet

So all over the news today is the word that we have reached a deal. Lots of folks are thinking it was just political theater and now those theatrics are over. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. The real problem with the debt ceiling issue was that it was beginning to make us (America) a bad risk, or in other words affect our credit rating. All of us kinda knew that (wink, wink) eventually the ceiling would be lifted. What far too little people realize is that, it doesn't solve the problem. In fact, the last few months have actually proven we are probably a bad risk.

You see, firms like Moody's,Fitch,and Standard and Poor, base their projections on the idea we can responsibly handle our debt. That means they look and see if we are willing to take a peek at our problems and fix them durably by working in a united manner to tackle what is in front of us. Despite your party affiliations, we should at least be able to listen to the guys on the other side of the aisle. Can we work together and make a difference? Do these guys seem the type that can form a vision for the future that will accomplish goals in the best interest of our nation and not simply their party?

After viewing these last few weeks ( months) of political turmoil, it certainly seems we live in a starkly divided nation. Goodness- we are all so focused on Washington its hard to even remember there is a major famine in Somalia, and now spreading to Kenya. That is actually serious and important and all of us enlightened Americans are over here bickering over ideology.

Perhaps the two don't seem to have anything to do with one another in your mind right now- but let me assure you they do. If there is anything I do know about Americans (both parties) its that we actually WANT to help other people when they are suffering. We like to be the ones to offer aid and relief to our brothers and sisters world-wide. We are all about the warm fuzzies from lending a hand to our neighbor and that is an awesome part of the American Spirit. But Washington is screaming so loud right now that most of us cannot even hear the cries of the people who really need our help half a world away.

That is the real tragedy of all these politics- everyone else becomes secondary.

Life or death stuff, just around the corner.

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