Monday, August 29, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Fred went fishing tonight for the first time all year, after dinner. He tried to go last night, but The Lady of the Lake ( the patrol woman) wouldn't allow him to'because of the hurricane." Of course as I already said, there was no hurricane here so I have no idea why she wouldn't let him on the lake- but- them's the facts. 

So tonight he gave it a try again. He packed up Matt, Tom, and Mike and headed out. He didn't catch much, but even a bad night of fishing is a good start. Unfortunately this battery died on his way back in and he wound up rowing. It doesn't appear to have dampened his spirit in the least. I am hoping he has a few really wonderful nights in the upcoming weeks. It is so good for him to be out on the lake with the kids. He loves it, they love it, they all come home so peaceful.It is definitely, good for the soul. 

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