Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Alley

Today is my Mothers Eleventy-First Birthday! I say that because my Mom is one of those women who never, ever, ever would tell her age to a soul-even her own child. I have never been given the answer to "How old are you Mom?" by her. My siblings all have various guesses that give me a round about figure.

My Mom and I are very different women. We look at life differently and go about things from totally opposite directions, yet oddly we both seem to come to the same conclusions time and again. I think in my entire life I have had perhaps 3 arguments  total with my Mom. She is always happy to hear my voice or visit. She has had more brushes with death than anyone I know! Gosh I wept through an entire night thinking I was saying goodbye to her while I was still nursing Peter!  For a tiny woman she is as strong as an ox. She has a good sense of humor and terrific style. Almost every time I speak to her she tells me how much she loves Fred and reminds me how lucky I am to have him, despite the fact that he teases her mercilessly!

Yesterday was my sister Tesa's birthday as well. She is one of the most wonderful women on the planet. She is loving and giving and besides being such a wonderful sister, she is also a wonderful friend. When I see her she makes me laugh and laugh. My kids all think she is so cheery and happy. They call her Aunt Pretty Colors cause she sang a song about pretty colors to them when she babysat years ago. Its a funny nick-name that sort of suits her.

Fred calls this little streak of close together birthdays "Birthday Alley". Its a small one for my Mom and Sis, we have a rather long Birthday Alley around these parts starting mid-September and running through early November. We fit in 5 Birthday at that time. I had hopes of being in New York for the big day(s) but the van has been overheating each time we go for a distance so we thought better of making the trip. Hope there was lots of cake and fun to go around! Love to you both from all of us here! Here is a cake for just for you!


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