Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doctors and Dentists

It was a big day at our house. Last week Matthew had an expander put in, today came his braces. I am sure they will take some getting used to. No real pain so far. Andrew follows next week as well. I think he looks adorable!

We are also very grateful to God that Fred's mom had successful surgery today. She had a bit of skin cancer on her face that needed removing and after a very long day in surgery she is home and resting.(True story, My mother-in-law having grown up in Jamaica still seems to struggle with words at times. When she found out she had what could be a cancerous growth she approached her parish priest and asked for prayers telling him she was going in for an autopsy). I am so glad it is behind her now. Wish I could give her a big hug from all of us, but for now it will have to be a cyber one!!!

((((((Love you Angela- and Phil too!))))))

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