Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene Part II

Conversation about Hurricane Irene taking place last night between Fred, Michael, and Thomas:

(Fred had the bright idea that perhaps the little boys had 'overheard' conversations about Irene throughout the day and wanted to calm any fears before bed just in case they might be afraid...)

Fred: Boys do either of you know what a Hurricane is?

Mike: Yah, yah, I know!

Fred: OK, what is it Mike?

Mike: Its when the WHOLE WORLD shakes really hard up and down!

Fred: No Mike its not.

Tom: Michael NO! That's an earthquake, not a hurricane!

Fred: That's right Tom. Did you boys feel the earthquake?

Tom: No.

Mike: No.

Fred: Do you know what a Hurricane is?

Tom: OH YAH! I DO KNOW!!!It's  it's  when HUGE ROCKS come pouring out of the sky and hit the planet!

Mike: OH NO!!! That's REALLY BAD!!!

Fred: No, its not!

MIke: Yes Dad IT would be really bad if rocks fell out of the sky! That would be BAD!!!

Fred: I know Mike but that's NOT what a hurricane is!

Tom: Yes, I know it is Dad! BIG ROCKS hit the EARTH , they do! I remember I heard it! They fly out of the sky and fall to the EARTH! 

(me thinks he is reminded  of a meteor shower which also took place a few weeks ago)

MIke: OH, NO!!! That's gonna be really bad! When will the rocks come? Will they come at night?

Fred: No its not! A Hurricane is a wind storm mainly.

Tom: Oh . Really???

Fred: Yes, its a lot of wind and rain. But we'll be safe here.

MIke: Ohhhh....Will it be like when we had to sleep in the basement in the middle of the night?

( FYI:during the summer there was a tornado watch and we had to take all the kids to the basement in the middle of the night.)

Fred: That won't happen. Well, I hope not. I don't think it will happen. Maybe.

Mike: Will any ROCKS fall out of the sky?

Fred: No.I'll protect you.

Mike: Like in the basement???


Mike: Cause'Falling Rocks would be really bad...

Fred: (Sigh)- goodnight boys. Sleep tight...

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