Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodnight Irene

An Earthquake and a Hurricane within the same week. Hmmm. I have had several emails today asking me if I think the Zombie Apocalypse is imminent. I don't think so yet folks. However there are ALWAYS some smart things to do in order to be prepared for any dangerous situation ( and don't forget this can be a whole lot of fun for the kids while teaching them basic survival and life skills).Some of my readers want me to share my game plan and thoughts for the Hurricane so I'll do so now. Don't be one of those folks who are either too busy to prepare,( throwing caution to the wind ladeeda attitude) or too scared (THE SKY IS FALLING!)so you stick your head in the sand! ACT don't REACT  and think calmly, clearly, and rationally for best results. 

A couple of things that are useful to know: A Hurricane watch is different from a Hurricane warning. A Watch constitutes just what it says, being watchful since you are in a MORE LIKELY position to be affected by a hurricane. A Warning means IT IS IMMINENT. Keep an eye on the news so you know if there is an alert in your area. Be aware that Hurricanes spawn Tornadoes, be careful if you hear loud noise sounding like a train get to a lower place, ( think basement)!

OK, so what should you do to prepare? Think basics-

  • bring in lawn furniture, toys, outdoor tables, etc. ( great time to get kids to pick up the yard!).
  •  Have simple supplies on hand. Mainly what you are worried about here is power outages due to falling trees. Since we have had lots of rain already, the ground is more likely to be soft around the roots of big trees and they will give way more readily.
  • If the lights go out you want flashlights, water ( extra in a bucket for flushing toilets), some food and maybe some board games. A radio with batteries is good, as well as camp stoves for cooking, and a wind up alarm clock.  
  • I am planning on turning my freezer to its coldest setting tonight. Why? Because if we lose power I am going to have that food as cold as possible now so it will last longer then. 

What if things get really bad? Well thankfully we live in the same town as FEMA so they should be ready to help us...about a week too late.  Did I just say that out loud? Ooops! Seriously though, watch for flooding and NEVER drive through water if you cannot see the road! The pavement could be loose below it and you get sucked out into the water, or your engine gets flooded and you get stuck in a lake.NOT GOOD.
If you need to evacuate ( some of my family is in Manhattan) put together a bug out bag.

Other things to do:

  • Check on your neighbors- it always makes sense to keep in touch with the people physically closest to you. 
  • Have an evacuation plan. If you get separated from someone else, where will you meet back up?
  • Don't leave important documents ( birth certificate etc. in an area likely to be damaged. Better yet go now and put those documents in a plastic zip lock bag for safe keeping!) 
  • Have extra food and supplies, including canned goods and a  MANUAL CAN OPENER. 
  • A good medical kit always comes in handy. 
  • Be helpful where you are able to- once you are relatively sure you are OK, see if someone else needs a hand, especially someone who might be vulnerable. 
  • I don't think I need to remind you that we always pray the Ave Maria Stella as a protection from storms do I?After all Our help is in the name of the Lord!
  • Be careful out there!

 (If you have thought of something I haven't please share!)

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